How to prepare for a Job Fair

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Job fairs provide the opportunity to make a positive impression in person and meet employers face-to-face. It’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with employers, especially in a difficult and competitive job market!

Before the Job Fair             

  • Determine which of the businesses participating at the Job Fair match your career objectives and make a list of your target employers based on their needs, your skills and interests.
  • Find out about position requirements, company culture and diversity. This research will help you determine if the company is a good match for you.
  • Use the information from your research to prepare a few questions you would like to ask employers. Employers want employees who are polite, proactive, and listen well. Stand out from the crowd by asking thoughtful, smart questions. Don’t ask question that are readily available online.  Keep it brief 3-5 minutes!
  • Prepare your resume and make sure that you have plenty of copies ready. Prepare different versions of your resume, tailoring each to a targeted employer, career objective or specific position.
  • Apply online before the Job Fair; add a hyperlink to your “LinkedIn” profile. You can often use your phone to scan the employers QR code at the table, which will connect them directly to your LinkedIn Profile.  
  • Use career fairs to refine your interviewing
    skills. Pay close attention to your body language and the common questions that you may not have anticipated, prepare answers to these questions for future interviews.
  • Prepare a 20-30 second introduction to use with employers – a concise and well-presented message that quickly provides just enough information about you to pique the listener’s interest and attention, to be invited for a more in-depth, formal interview at their company’s head office after the job fair.

At the Job Fair

  • Dress the part. First impressions are important and send an immediate message regarding how serious you are in your job search. Clothing should be clean and pressed, business casual is appropriate for most jobs.
  • Meet and interact with the employers you’ve targeted. Deliver your resume and take 3-5 minutes to make a positive first impression on the employer by showing interest in their needs.
  • To appear confident and knowledgeable about the company, demonstrate your knowledge by asking questions that are specific to a position or department you’re interested in. Tell the employer how your skill set matches their requirements. Be specific about the role you are interested in.
  • Watch your body language. A firm handshake and eye contact are important. Good manners are critical to making a good impression; employers appreciate someone who is dedicated, conscientious and attentive.
  • Be friendly and stay on topic. Job fairs can be noisy, speak clearly and with confidence.
  • After talking to each representative, ask for a business card and use the back of the business card to record notes to help you remember important details and follow-up instructions. If no card is available, record their contact information and your comments in your notepad.

After the Job Fair                  

  • Follow up with a thank you note or email a day or two after the job fair. Thank the employers for taking the time to meet with you, review key points from your conversation and add any new information that may not have been addressed at the job fair. Don’t forget to attach your resume and follow-up a week or two later to see if opportunities are available for you with their organization

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