Our workshops are designed to give you extra tools and direction to help you find work. Experienced facilitators help you prepare for job search, build your “toolkit,” interview and market yourself.

Group workshops are currently being offered virtually. If access to technology is a barrier, clients will be provided access to a computer in a private space in the center to facilitate participation in the workshops.

For clients who prefer to attend in-person workshops, please speak to your employment counsellor who will be able to schedule you for a one-to-one workshop.

Topics include:

  • Skills & Strengths – Identity the unique abilities, skills, and experience you have to offer an employer and learn how you can best communicate them to employers
  • Personal Planning & Goal Setting – Find out where you want to go and the steps needed to get there to achieve your short and long term employment goals
  • Labour Market Research – Understand the concepts and trends related to the Labour Market Information (LMI) and how they can impact your career choices
  • Internet Job Search – Learn and practice essential computer skills such as basic editing and formatting techniques, how to save and attach a document to an email to be more successful and efficient in your online job search
  • Resume & Cover Letter – Find out how to communicate your experience, skills, and strengths on paper and identify the resume style that best highlights your experience. Receive guidance on creating individualized resumes and cover letters for specific jobs.
  • Networking & Self-Marketing – There are more jobs that are not posted online or in papers than you know. Learn to access the “hidden job market” and build a community around you who can help you exchange and share information about jobs, industries, and companies.
  • Communication Skills & Job Maintenance – Learn the formal, but not written rules of your workplace to build healthy relationships with your co-workers and supervisors. Find out the basic rules and responsibilities for employers and employees in British Columbia.