Employment Services

Who should visit a WorkBC Centre?

WorkBC offers a range of services that support job seekers to find and maintain employment and to improve employment readiness. Services are available to all unemployed British Columbians seeking employment

To access WorkBC Centre services, you must:

  • Be unemployed and legally eligible to work in B.C., OR
  • Qualify for an exception to the above eligibility requirements and be assessed as needing these services to successfully attach to the labour market or community (*some services have additional eligibility criteria)

What does it mean to be unemployed?

  • Not working and not a full-time student
  • Working an average of fewer than twenty (20) hours per week
  • Are in receipt of a notice of imminent layoff
  • Must leave your current occupation due to a medical reason
  • Are at significant risk of losing your employment because of a disability

Are There Any Exceptions?

  • Exceptions may be made for those who do not meet the program definition of “unemployed,” contact us for more information

If you are receiving any of the following, contact us to confirm your eligibility:

  • Employment Insurance (EI) clients
  • British Columbia Employment and Assistance (BCEA) clients

You may qualify for WorkBC Employment Services if you are a Convention Refugee/Protected Person or a Temporary Work Permit Holder. Please contact us for more information.

Go online

WorkBC Employment Services are accessible from your home computer or smart phone through the Online Employment Services (OES) portal

You are required to have OES account in order to receive WorkBC Employment Services. OES registration will provide you with access to your important case information (such as financial supports), and the ability to share information with WorkBC Centre staff.